A Woman and Her Purse: Fashion Tell All

A woman’s purse can be one of the most sacred items and can leave us all wondering, what is in her purse? We took on the daring task and took a look into five trendy women’s “secret source of power”, as Ben from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days would say.

Stephanie’s Purse
We asked Stephanie what fashion item explains her personality, her answer, “Lipstick and a watch. Bold and adventurous, yet organized and timely!” We couldn’t agree more. The contents of her purse consisted of: a Tide to Go pen, foundation, lipstick, oil-absorbing sheets, lotion, travel-size perfume, and the list goes on! This fashionista is prepared for whatever the day throws at her.

Sara’s Purse
We questioned Sara about what was in her purse, and her heartfelt personality shined bright. “Friends call me Mary Poppins–I have anything you’d need, including a tape measure (and yes, I’ve used it.). Always prepared.” Can you spot the tape measure? There was also a travel-size sunscreen to avoid those awkward summer tan lines, a wallet, bandaids and a chubby stick!

Sehare’s Purse
Sehare never leaves the house without a snack (hence the banana), or else she can’t stay focused! We know what that’s like. This classy lady keeps her Slim Sonic Travel Zipper Case and Slim Sonic Toothbrush tucked away for whenever she takes her lunch break. We also found a clutch, hand sanitizer, and lip balm!

Nicole’s Purse
Nicole’s chic look compliments her classy personality! You’ll never catch her out of the house without lipstick or chapstick. Her favorite Lavender Glitter Slim Sonic Toothbrush is also by her side, along with bandages, a sweater, a pair of shades and her phone. Not to mention, her purse is to die for!

Ashley’s Purse
If Ashley’s personality were a fashion item it would definitely be bold and adventurous, just like the lipstick she keeps in her purse! Chapstick is a must whenever she is on the go. Ashley also carries a notebook, wallet, tissues and her phone. Her absolute favorite toothbrush is the Blush Glitter Slim Sonic Toothbrush that tags along for whenever she needs to freshen up. Needless to say, she is definitely a fashionista!

What do you keep in your purse? Tell us!


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