Get Ready for Spring!

Spring may be arriving a little slowly this year for some of us but we are still breaking out our colorful spring outfits and getting ready for warmer weather! Bright greens, pinks and purples are starting to replace the gloomy grays and blacks of winter. Check out some of these great tips to get you in the mood for spring!


1. Spring Cleaning – Giving your home a good scrub to clear the cobwebs and snow sludge to help your home feel clean and fresh. When you’re done, get some fresh flowers to put around to add some fun bright colors and life to the space.

2. Color Pops – Speaking of adding bright colors around your home, start adding spring colors to your outfits too. If you look good, you will feel good! Pull out that bright pink scarf and pair it with one of our fun new Slim Sonic Traveler and keep that fabulous smile in style everywhere you go.

3. Seasonal Foods – Eat healthy seasonal foods! Strawberries, asparagus and avocado are all in season so create colorful meals with these fun ingredients! Grilled asparagus or a delicious strawberry dessert is a great way to put a little spring in your step.

4. Head Outside – Get some fresh air in your lungs and a little sun on your skin! Even if it’s still a bit chilly out, make a point to get outside and walk to a park or to your favorite dinner spot.

5. Find Warmer Weather – If the mind over matter trick isn’t working for you, plan a trip to a warmer destination. Grab your Travel Toothbrush and head south! You don’t have to go to typical destinations like Hawaii or Florida, even a quick weekend getaway can be budget friendly and get you energized for spring!


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