Violife Destinations Slim Sonics

Violife’s latest collection introduces four brand new, destination-themed toothbrushes. These are perfect to bring with you on a trip–especially to one of the four cities featured in the collection! To help you decide where to go, we’re going to profile these cities to help you pick the vacation spot of your dreams.

London is a classy, bookish destination spot. Immerse yourself in British history with a visit to Buckingham Palace perhaps you will catch a glimpse of Will and Kate, or even Queen Elizabeth herself. London is also filled with museums–and they’re all free! Check out the Victorian and Albert Museum, if you like Victorian clothing and furniture, or maybe the Tate Modern for some funky modern art. Walk along the River Thames and try to hop onto a big, red doubledecker bus. From there, you can go on a scenic ride on the London Eye, spying on Parliament down below.

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New York City, The Big Apple! With never-ending excitement and the bright lights of Times Square, this is truly the city that never sleeps! This is a great city to spot cool new street fashion in Manhattan, or take a leisurely walk through Central Park. If you’re feeling adventurous, head out to Brooklyn to go thrifting or explore a few off-the-beaten-path brunch locations. You’ll also want to catch a musical or a play on Broadway, potentially starring one of your favorite actors from movies! (Haven’t you heard? They’re all doing plays now.)

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Las Vegas, pack your swimsuit and sparkly dress, this is a party destination! Las Vegas is ideal for anyone looking to unwind completely. There’s almost too much fun packed into this one destination. Hopefully you’re leaving with a little spare change, because you’ll definitely want to hit up the casinos! Be it slots or blackjack (or even poker, for the brave traveler), you’re all in. During the day, you can lounge by the pool, soaking up some of those nice desert heatwaves. You can also catch a magic show or a musical–or hey, Britney Spears just began a run there; you’ll have to see her, at least for nostalgia’s sake.

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Ah, Paris: the city of love. Paris is perfect for a romantic getaway. There’s hardly a place in this city you won’t fall in love with. Stroll along the boulevards of this beautiful, historical city, walking from the Notre Dame all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Make your way to the Louvre to see countless pieces of famous artwork. The Mona Lisa? Check. Venus de Milo? Double check. Oh, and don’t forget about the food! Wine! Cheese! Bread! And those are just the appetizers. Paris is the definition of luxury, and you’ll have the most wonderful time in the City of Lights.

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