4 Tips to an Organized Bathroom

Keeping an organized bathroom is the easiest way to keep a clean bathroom. Creating a system for putting things away and spot cleaning different things each day is a great way to get you from deep cleaning to deep cleaning.


Create space – Adding shelves and drawers under your sink is an easy way to multiply your space. By giving each member of the family their specific drawer, everyone will be able to find their things easily and it will also cut down on the spreading of germs!

Everything in its place – The best way to stay organized is to make it a habit to put everything in its place after each use. If each item has a spot in your bathroom, it’s easier to keep things off your counter and cut down on clutter.

Clean daily – Each day, clean one thing in your bathroom. Whether it’s cleaning the mirrors on Monday and toilet on Tuesday, create a system so you keep your bathroom clean with little effort! Bonus tip: Always wipe down your counters every morning to prevent stains to the sink and counter.

Store items properly – Some bathroom items like toothbrushes need a little more care when they are stored. To keep germs away, it’s a good idea to store your toothbrush in a case. Did you know germs from flushing a toilet can spray up to 6 feet!? To keep your toothbrush safe, try something like the Violife Zapi Luxe!

Spring Cleaning a Germy Home

tumblr_mqq4l2H3Fh1st5lhmo1_1280Ever since we were young, we were taught to wash our hands first thing when we get home after a day outside exposed to all sorts of germs. But what about the germs inside our homes? Check out these surprisingly dirty places in our own homes that are real hot spots for germs and bacteria. Pay extra attention to these spots not just during Spring cleaning, but throughout the year to keep your house healthy and sanitized. Continue reading